Complete mobile Web browsing experience


  • Very fast at rendering pages
  • Impressive usability
  • Compatible with all Web 2.0 technologies
  • Supports streaming video
  • Start page customizable with feeds


  • A little low on settings


Browsing the Web on a mobile device has traditionally been a nightmarish pursuit. Things are changing though, and browsers such as Opera Mobile, Bolt, and now Skyfire are setting the standard in modern mobile Internet navigation.

Skyfire certainly punches its weight against the top mobile Internet apps. It's free, fast, and easy and comes with the proud claim of being the only mobile browser to support all major Web 2.0 standards. That means it copes with Ajax, Flash 10, JavaScript, Silverlight and such.

Using Skyfire is an absolute delight compared with Internet Explorer for Windows Mobile. Pages not only render much quicker, but the interface design makes it faster and easier to navigate around pages. You can zoom in and out of pages just by double-tapping them, perform Google searches directly within the address bar, and easily share Web content via SMS, Twitter or Facebook.

If you sign up for a free Skyfire account you'll be able to compile your own start page feeds from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Yahoo!, and more. You also get the ability to store bookmarks and browsing history.

I felt if Skyfire is lacking in any aspect then it is its options and settings, which are a little thin on the ground compared to other mobile browsers. That said, this latest version of the application has made a few significant improvements. For instance, there's now a full-screen mode that removes all the interface elements from the screen for maximum viewing pleasure. Scrolling has also been tweaked, meaning finger scrolling is a lot smoother.

On the whole though, Skyfire makes for a fast, reliable and effective Web viewer.




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